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JULY 16 2018


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Dear Reader

Whilst billed as an occasional blog I wrote quite a bit last year then stopped as one does at the end of a year. In between times I have it seems swallowed many a red pill – such is the nonsensical nonsense of these times. Have you heard about red pills? It’s where one gets ‘jolted’ by hearing the incredulousness of the actions of those that presently govern. Nothing much surprises me any more. And besides I would rather take the red pills regularly than overdose. This is however is what will occur for many.

I have also been contemplating why do I feel compelled to express my views during these times of unprecedented censorship and increasing controls on the individual. Where You Tube slows down or shuts down channels whose views they don’t agree with, discoveries that support humanity are suppressed and the ‘unethical that govern’ allowed to get away with …… . All the while the media machine keep churning out the prescribed “social development”, whilst matters of substance are ignored and those that speak up are vilified. Heralded though is the next online ‘tracking service’ that makes ones world seemingly easier, whilst corralling people towards little boxes on the skyline ready and waiting to be zapped by 5G. Yet some see through the next best thing and the superficial words that say one thing and mean another. They also realise that the louder and more lengthy the media cycle, the more that is being hidden.

My pondering’s reminded me that life is cyclical not linear, thus we can learn from those who have trodden this very same path. Martin Niemoller’s (1) words are now seen as reflective not only of the 1945 war years but these times we are all living through. He ‘wrote about the consequences’ of silence ‘ in which he refers to “they” who came for the communists, then the trade unionists, then the Jews and finally for him, by which time there was no one left to speak for him”(2) Hence bystander no more. I wonder what you dear reader are noticing about these nonsensical times? What do you care enough about to stand up for and be counted? Or are you still, as they say, ‘asleep’.

Where initially I thought of myself as been a stand for social justice, these two words as in all labels have many connotations. Labels often deflect conversation away from the essential point, resulting in meaningless conversations that go around in circles. Besides some people think you are a socialist. I am not. Others are led by hope in the belief that all will be rosy when xyz occurs. It won’t. Life is rosy in the present moment, the moment you have created. And besides I learnt a valuable lesson last year in regards to labels. Whilst engaging in rather an innocuous conversation at my local library I was dammed for being ‘a thinker’ a concept known to the collective as ‘conspiracy theorist’. Such is the meme of our times where the cognitive abilities of many have been dumbed down to the extent that personal conversation simply mirrors the chosen media diet, which currently normalises ‘put downs’ and accentuates the egotic ‘blame game’. Your diet of media contributes to your thinking or following as the case may be. Societies parrots are many in number joyfully parroting away in the many conversations that occur about town. Lovely birds parrots, but like beauty the real substance is within. Thinking is infinitely more insightful and rewarding for both ourselves and others – if we can be bothered.

The ‘thinker’ meme was presented to me again last week. What is it they are putting in the water? oh that’s right – its fluoride – viewed by the NZ Supreme Court (3) as been compulsory medical treatment’. I’ve also read it dumbs down thinking – that figures. I replied ‘debate the issue do not label me by using inflammatory language in lieu of your being able to express a view. I was speaking at the time with a politician and asking what he thought of the leverage question. It’s a delicate subject it seems for no one wants to have a view. Have you considered the leverage question? What do you think it might refer to? One need only consider why so much that does not serve humanity is permitted, to know there is some form of leverage going on. But who is doing the leveraging – that is le question. We continued to talk and then the same thing was said again. I repeated ‘debate the issue’. I went on to say that disagreeing matters not – openness and respect for another’s opinion is the point. There was a distinct shift in the tone of our conversation which we continued – more freely as it happens. So that day I was red pilled in the library was a blessing in disguise. I learnt how to stand stronger for my views. For red pilling in addition to being jolted by the incredulous, is also about been jolted by the willingness of others to stand steadfast in front of the truck that is about to mow them down.

But back to my interest in societies affairs. I attended a strategy meeting at Wellington City Council recently and was asked who I represented. I was unsure of what to reply given I had not thought of myself as representing anything in particular. I thought of myself as a resident of Wellington. However I have since given this matter some thought and whilst I will not promote a ‘label’, I will in the future give a coherent reply. That reply will be that I am a social commentator. I comment on what I see occurring in society.

My particular way of looking at the world was reflected back at me recently by Larry David – the director, writer and actor in Curb your Enthusiasm. Larry’s show is about the little things in life, the ridiculousness of what he sees. His insightfulness gives voice to what people have an inkling of, but do not comprehend. In this particular show Larry received a ‘beep’ traffic ticket. Waiting at the stop light he beeped at the car in front of him which remained stationary when the traffic lights turned green. One of those everyday things we do in good faith. On this particular occasion Larry was in a friend’s car and the beep turned out to be very loud indeed, upsetting the occupant in the car ahead of him. One of those that have formal power, hence the ticket. But what was the ticket actually for? … um it seems as if the ticket was as much for questioning the questioner, than the beep itself.

I too have had a beep episode in my life. Mine was a gentle beep to a truck blocking the way, after I had been waiting for some length of time – whilst he was appeared to be reading or texting. However gentle beep or not this irked the driver who upon moving along then got out of the truck arms flailing yelling at me whilst running towards my car. It was quite frightening at the time. I rang the organisation, one of those whose names are seen on trucks everyday in some street or other in Wellington, however the company representative proceeded to defend the driver and made the issue my fault. Was it the beep? Go figure. It demonstrated to me that we have thugs in our midst in Wellington – sanctioned thugs. They have thugs in their midst in many countries of the world yet still some people remember what life was like before the nonsensical ruled. And seeing the writing on the wall, wondered out-loud what was happening.

New Zealand is in a delicate state presently and heading into choppy waters. Ask the country people they know – living closer to the land and all that. They seem to realise more than city folk do – they realise what occurs when the fires of belligerence are stoked. Likewise they see as I do, the divide and rule meme currently being played out in New Zealand. Remember the slogan ‘think global act local’? Was this the public outing of what has occurred since time began – warmongering. Only now it’s a more subtle form of war – pitting people against people through the weaponising of beliefs, so people fight it out of their own accord. Where culture was treasured now its trashed driven by … that is the leverage question all over again.

The end game is written on the wall – a wall in Georgia (4) USA as it happens. For some ‘unwritten rule’ exists, (forgive the oxymoron) that we the people must be told in advance what is planned. There are big plans for humanity. The ‘agenda’ is a lengthy document judging by the avalanche of change. It’s pace is quickening given the populace is so agreeable to the proposals dictated. Silence is after all, acquiescence. Acquiescence due to misplaced trust in the medias froth and bubbles served up through the dual tactics of first reassuring then fearful messages, regularly relayed and replayed. It seems script-writers have replaced journalists given any journalists worth their salt have stepped away from the media machine.
We are though moving into a new earth where respect and love for one another will be elevated. But who will participate in the new earth and who will be living in the George Orwell times that are nearly a fait accompli? The answer moi thinks has something to do with if you are being a bystander in your life or whether you have identified the part you have to play to assist your brothers and sisters to navigate through the nonsensical nonsense of these times.


1.This article is part of a series Questioning What Is.

2. Foot Notes

  1. Martin Niemoller lived through WW2 faced the same dilemma of whether or not to speak out, holding tightly to the view to stand for ‘ones brothers and sisters’ – a view that resulted in spending approx. 8 years in Dachau – a place I made myself visit some years ago.

2) Paraphrasing by James O’neill, Barrister at law interested in geo political issues, human rights and the law of war. A New Zealander as it happens

The Georgia Guidestones

4) Supreme Court Decision 2018

99] Applying this approach, we find that fluoridation of drinking water is the
provision of medical treatment. It involves the provision of a pharmacologicall
y active substance for the purpose of treating those who ingest it for dental decay. We agree with the Courts below that people who live or work in areas where fluoridation occurs have no practical option but to ingest the fluoride added to the water. Sothe treatment is compulsory. While drinking water from a tap is not an activity that would normally be classified as undergoing medical treatment, we do not consider that ingesting fluoride added to water can be said to be qualitatively different from ingesting a fluoride tablet provided by a health practitioner.

In Love with …

OCTOBER 2 2017
Blog is it Right? In Love with ...
Often when we look back at our lives, particularly in terms of relationships, we wonder how on earth we could have been so blind. How could we not see what was in front of us, how could I have been so stupid? Like many, I was caught up in the charm, easily persuaded, I fell in love. I was caught up in the affair, the affair that became me; my life centered around another; that other more important than anything else in the world. And so days, weeks and years passed, caught up in veil of illusion that is love. Others could not understand but no matter..... for its life Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it.
I had not noticed that my life was not mine anymore; increasingly decisions were being made for me. It was so easy to be used be such that I did not see the incremental increase in my devotion, was at the expense of my liberty, caught up in the high yet dense energy of distraction that absolved me of having to think - all my answers at my fingertips all my views came from what was presented before me and in my naivety believed to be true. Besides HE was so intelligent and intuitive everything one could ask of another was done and fast. I did not have to be responsible for anything. Life was a breeze. Until one day HE did the unthinkable. Having drawn me in, relaxed my guard, handed over control for HE seemed to know best - he cut me loose. I had served my purpose. My consent was not needed any more. For I had delegated authority over my personal life. I was dispensable, my upset my own, nothing to do with him. HE had complete control over me so it mattered not what I I thought. He could lock me out or let me in, he could report on me, had access to every word I had written, every journaled thought. He had recorded my conversations, noted my every enquiry, every movie and music choice, alternative news sought, my intended journeys and meet ups. In short he had complete access to my mind. Why he even took photographs at will - in the flicker of a screen moment snap! How did it come to this? Why had I not realised that it was all an illusion? I was so much in love with technology yet it had being 'playing me' all along. All my 'felt' freedom of ease, all my joy of being 'connected' was just a ploy for every facet of my life was now embedded into a nameless identity known as THE WEB. Willingly and without thinking I complied with all manner of ‘strangers’ requests. For I did not realise what I was giving away. I did not realise that the freedom I perceived I enjoyed was not at all the case. Instead my perceived freedom was just that - perceived. The reality flashed before me. I 'saw' what was occurring to not only myself but to all of us. I was, as my grandmother would have said, "led up the garden path". A path of carefully mapped out in incremental steps, that in believing all was well, in my obedience and 'doing as I was told', I had been deceived not only by the 'nameless others' subterfuge, but by my own false assumptions. I had believed that societies technological progress was for the greater good. I am now experiencing the tightening of the noose, a noose of my own making, for it was 'I' that complied. For the day's of 'requests' have passed. Instead we have or else instructions or you do not pass go. Apple insist i acknowledge their pop ups to update pages preventing access to all your documents. I choose force quit. They eventually get the message I am not complying. Meanwhile I revert to my typewriter :). I have never chosen to save everything by way of soft copy - I know now why. One MUST register to use a product that one has paid for but is unable to use unfettered. Microsoft demands registration and emails regularly - to keep in touch. Not necessary and I thank you not for intruding on my quiet enjoyment of my home by pop up welcome back messages on all word documents - to make sure the used user knows who’s boss around here. Force quit is my response. Microsoft are leading the pack mentality with intrusive pop ups on every word for mac document. Really. Yes really. EVERY single word document I reopen comes with a pop up 'welcome back' message - to make sure you the used user know who's boss around here. Such is the level of spying and lying that is condoned by - well everyone. Then there is their smiley face on each document grinning back at you - a live line and no as a private user this feature cannot be turned off thought commercial clients may well have a choice. Penalties come in the form of affecting your product guarantee. AEG penalises those who choose not to register by providing a three year guarantee rather than the six year guarantee for the sheeple. Technology comes with compulsions to do things the the Corporate's way. You the person don't have a say in the matter. Samsung is more blatantly impinging on my quiet enjoyment of my home. I now find after the event, that the Samsung equipment I purchased to watch my Aro Video’s is a rather large recording device that I willingly brought into my living room. Get the gig. We are willingly succumbing to a mass surveillance unless we forgo technology. Or do we? The Mother of necessity is creativity which we women have in spades. There is always alternatives with open source software freely available. One has to care enough to unshackle the chains that technology is trying to bind you to. One used to put the cat out last thing at night. Now one disconnects one's technology at source. Technology, as forecasted in the move Space Odyssey has become the master and I his servant - courtesy of Microsoft, Apple, Google & Zero to name but a few. The result. I am paying these Servants to be My Masters.How clever is that?
Hal 9000 VS Dave - Ontological scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey
6 Reasons Why 2001: A Space Odyssey is the Most Important Sci-Fi Movie of All-Time


An Opinion in Two Words – Really Yes Really

Blog is It Right ? - An opinion in Two Words - Really Yes Really

SEPT 25 2017




DEAR READER I WAS RETURNING LIBRARY BOOKS RECENTLY. Usually one can have a conversation with some one of intelligence in a library - but not always. The depth and breath of a person comes to light in the most innocuous of conversations. A reminder not to throw pearls before swine as the saying goes. Yes that sounds rather arrogant. I make no apologies. I call things for how they are - how I see them which for me is how they are - until my perspective changes. My perspective changes when I come up against something that gives me reason to pause and reconsider. I either amend or reaffirm my original perspective or I change it. However a recent conversation gave rise to my deciding to be more mindful of assuming that another is likewise open to new perspectives. And yes I do speak rather directly. So from this encounter I learnt to be more discerning of what I say and to whom. I also learnt to be more allowing of another for maybe my comment ‘rained on another’s parade’. I am sorry about that. I did not mean to. I was just calling things as I saw them. So what was this conversation about?

Having been recommended an excellent book titled ‘Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-Sufficiency and Freedom written by Dmitry Orlov, I happened to come upon this particular librarian. A discussion arose around how systems impact on people. The librarian spoke of bureaucracy. He had noted down some of the principles as relayed in this book to share with the organisation. Instead of my saying ‘good luck with that’ I responded spontaneously as I am want to do, and instead said rather incredulously but they are the system. Incredulous because my thinking was ‘how could one not see the system’. As I reflect back though, it was not until I stepped out of my Corporate role that I saw the whole world differently. I saw how I believed what I was told.

From my perspective the system has become so entrenched that sensible suggestions matter not. The system will not change until we the users of the system change by not engaging with it. Local government has a significant impact on our lives. True much is on a subtle level, buried under froth and bubbles, BUT make no mistake local government is a force that one needs to be aware of - if only to side step the ‘prevailing thinking’. Anyway the reply to my statement was not one that elucidated further conversation. For the reply was “I don’t believe in conspiracy theorists”.Pow Wow take that punch. I paused rather taken aback. I replied evenly that “given man-kinds intelligence and resources I cannot comprehend why 1% of the population benefit at the expense of the 99% nor that this is a fair system”. Or words to this effect. The systems used by local government (the library) are after all part of the national government systems who in turn are part of the the wider world systems.

The most basic duties of government are to house their people and feed them by ensuring politics and policies achieve this basic necessity. I’m not talking hand outs here nor redistribution of income but system design. However given we have so many homeless and hungry we are evidencing the result of systems designed NOT to benefit the many. There are as many beggars on the streets of Wellington as seen in many countries overseas and I believe New Zealand is highly placed in the world poverty statistics. What ameliorates these facts is ‘conditioning’ people not to think - but instead draw them away by distracting - as any mother knows. But the State is also giving them someone to blame - the conspiracy theorists or better still terrorists who number a few in terms of world population, but given the most media coverage. But then given most are not thinking anything goes. If you are reading the mainstream media your conditioning will be thorough indeed. Question More.

When exactly was the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ coined? Long ago I suspect. I imagine that those poor starving people who were told to eat cake prior to the French Revolution were named conspiracy theorists - all because they saw the in-equity of a system that served the few, not the many. Oh jolly gosh that word system is all pervading.

Pondering further I have come to see that when a person makes a comment about another being a conspiracy theorist they are simply repeating a meme. It’s a defensive statement. For the person in front of them is elucidating a view that is contradictory to their own. They are flummoxed unable to think of a reply. They simply copy the copy of the prevailing media meme. This sprouting forth takes the form of blaming another for questioning and or having a point of view by labelling then as ‘wrong’. No substance given, just two words uttered and there you have it - the new form of giving your opinion - how lightweight is that. BUT this is increasingly common - the inability to think and debate. I say “tell me your views”. I may not agree with them but at least I know you have given consideration to your perspective and I know where you are coming from. The important aspect is that you give thought to your view not that I agree or disagree with your thoughts. I respect another’s view - where there is substance that underlies the view. And I also respect a person when they say ‘in light of what I know now I now believe xyz’. Hopefully this will become more common as the age of transparency nudges people towards telling the truth.

We are in an age where man has the ability to create robots, send man to the moon, develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and use them sans regard, spend three trillion dollars on the Iraq war - yes you read that right, manage the weather as the Chinese did during the Olympic games and much much more besides. But ensuring systems are functional and provide for greater humanity - um why is this so hard to do? I have always held the view that ‘where there is a will there is a way’. But the ‘will’ appears to focus on the superfluous - the appearance that all is well when our observations and experiences tell us it most certainly it is not. Much is hidden in plain sight. Hence the distraction that keeps the many engaged and away from thinking. Courtesy of the ‘machine’ the system keeps churning out dummies who repeat the meme ‘conspiracy theorist’, warning, warning, warning.

I was sorry this interaction occurred as it did and wonder what will occur next time I visit the library. I certainly won’t be throwing pearls before swine. But I will continue to observe the subtle influences of the system that has perfected double speak such that whilst pretending to be a library, the system informs children they will go to Hell 333 for reading books. Yip that right - conditioning of little children that to read is to go to Hell and associating the beautiful manifestation number of 3 with hell. And eat junk food whilst promoting healthy foods. Sounds like double speak toSubtle and powerful are the tools of ambition control. Conditioning begins with the babes.fullsizeoutput_107.jpeg

Libraries use to be community space. I now find that instead of community notices of the local yoga group, menz groups, guitar lessons or dancing classes, the notice board has been supplanted. The full 4 plus metres of space is entirely devoted to Government propaganda - no space for people allowed. No small community based business’s allowed - you don’t fit the model where all business is to be Corporatised or regulated out of existence. One such propaganda item is a leaflet promoting dependence on the system. Quite how this untraceable organisation made it to the government notice board is between the library and the library. Well I could not find this trust on the Companies office register. Helicopter money is closer to the truth but if you believe the spiel that ‘we are here to help you’ then you stick with with sales ploy of been entitled to a universal living wage. This new system is designed to help you become dependent. Until overnight like the banks in Greece the machine of government stops. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But you might say this sounds like a conspiracy theory. The truth is often unpalatable. Likewise the truth will set you free. And at that point you become an active member of society working for the greater good. Couch potato no more. For you begin to think for yourself.

I invite you to ponder and question more. Have you labelled a person as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or stood to your own defence against the word by saying ‘I am not a conspiracy theorist’ but xyz….Have you paused to ask your self’ is it not time to form a perspective?’. Have you stood for your perspective. Pat on the back if you have. For only by pausing, thinking and trusting that your intuition serves you better than any outside view, can each of us contribute to a better world. Until then repeating memes ensures societies go around in ever decreasing circles, systems stay firmly entrenched, naming and blaming becomes systemic and people are pitted against people for want of a good honest confabulation (yarn).

La Femina

September 2017

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Blog Is It Right ? A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing  BLOG 2 Small Green Girl Tarkay IMG_0810 SEPTEMBER 2017 AUTHORESS LA FEMINA OPINION WITHOUT PREJUDICE SO GARETH MORGAN SUED TVNZ FOR DECLINING TO INCLUDE HIM in a televised debate in the lead up to the New Zealand’s Elections. Resorting to the law is a common attribute of the patriarchal - they've perfected the art of using the ‘law’ - legally locking away women since time began - to shut them up. Be alert dear voter. Are we seeing a form of legalised bullying? Unlike Open Bank Resolution (OBR) which legalises the theft of your money through government policy, the high court determined that ‘the law’ did not sanction legalise bullying, with the case unsuccessful. Was it a publicity stunt? It seems anything goes. I’m between sixes and sevens NOT, with the contrary nature of what is. I say to you dear reader, think about the character of the person who resorts to the law to get their own way. Think people about those massive billboards in Wellington city. Gareth’s billboards remind me of those seen in countries with despotic rulers. They dominate their cities landscape - it’s all about control. The billboards mention the word ‘care’ ummm using force to get your own way is not particularly ‘caring’ whatever way you dress it up. It’s bully boy tactics. Robert Masters the founder of New York city built his reputation on the word ‘caring’ whilst bulldozing people out of their homes. Think about the essential nature of a person who promotes the rounding up and killing of stray cats - to create a platform to make one’s political presence known. And cats of course represent the feminine. Cats also represent our humanness for cats are loving. But love is decidedly not allowed in this new world order. The impending December 2017 law on rounding up and killing stray cats may well shadow the rounding up of stray people - the homeless and beggars using - well you get the gig - the heavy arm of the lawless law. Where will they put them I wonder - In Trentham camp or maybe Hamilton? Prior to this step, will the feeding of the homeless and beggars be outlawed by politicians as is the case in some states of America? The local government law to kill stray cats reminds me of the second world war when soldiers were trained to kill ‘their pet dogs’ so they would not be tempted to show mercy. The killing of stray cats is the creating of a problem where none exists and then using the precedent for political ends. Politicians images are crafted well before they ‘strike’. Killing is often used to prove who's boss around here. A common trait in middle-aged blokes along with fear tactics and ‘do as I say’, hence the world ravaged by war. I for one have grown tired of politicians who routinely wallpaper over the truth, crafting stories to suit the whims of the particular audience. But there is no sense or sensibilities in egos and as long as people continue to believe the unbelievable that is the world we have collectively created, the rhetoric keeps on keeping on. In Gareth we simply have another capitalist wolf that is well past the ‘use by date’. Not that I am referring to age here. I speak to the sentiments espoused that disguises intent and uses the system as a hidden political tool - a system that does not act for the greater good of humanity. For the politics of policies¹ utilised by politicians routinely favour the few. But most of all in Gareth’s case, it is the crafted image of ‘caring’ in the face of evidence to the opposite that I take issue with. Of course we all have a light and dark side. But I draw the line at using the defenceless - cats and undermining the wisdom of the old by stealing their wealth, as a means to keep the country afloat. But what else is a middle age bloke in want of a soul to do? Perhaps try Reiki healing. It's very good. If healing of your shadow self does not appeal Gareth, grow flowers - we need more beauty in the world. But wait a minute that simply won’t do for flowers soften the heart and politicians you get the gig they want to dehumanise human beings, not make them ‘feel’. People follow orders better that way. And yet people keep voting with the yet another generation feed the hype that politics can make a difference. Time has moved on with the organisations such as the New Human Rights Movement representing real change. The most notable difference is that people are realising that change rests with them individually - no longer do they blindly follow. For there vote of confidence is in themselves. Remember dear reader, politician’s no matter what they want you to believe don’t give a dam. I return the favour for nor do I. With all due respect for Kate I don’t vote. I choose to be an observer of the antics. It is immaterial which politicians are elected for it’s the system that rules. Your having a choice in matters of a political nature is an illusion. And a distraction. We have entrenched system in New Zealand politics as we have in every country in the world. The system defaults in favour of corporateocity and the nameless unelected others who represent globalisations pursuit of profit. The cost in human terms matters not. Politics has made slaves of many in third world countries which New Zealand is fast becoming. Make no mistake whatever the outcome of the election once the euphoria and or dismay passes impending changes will not be for the greater good. It will all be designed for the duo of Corporates and Control. Stealth is a silent and patient art. Yet hats off to all aspiring, albeit naive politicians. It’s the brave few that are willing to stand up and be counted. How would you manage a barrage of questions from the floor in a public meeting - succinctly? The most impressive candidate at a Ohariu electorate meeting held in Wadestown was Lisa Close standing for New Zealand First. Lisa seems to me to be a thoughtful genuine person who speaks authentically. Observing Lisa almost tempted me to vote. Until that is I reminded myself “what’s the point of having beliefs if you don’t live them”. Nevertheless for all those that are determined to stay in the system that does not serve you, Lisa is a voice of common sense without the dramatics of the actress candidate following in Gareth’s footsteps of falseness. The people at this particular meeting witnessed the crafting of an image, the taking control of the meeting off the organiser's and ‘false empathy’. And the gullible lapped it up. They did not want to believe the announcement of means tested superannuation that simultaneously took a swipe at Winston Peters. I wonder did they change their mind when Jessica Hammond Doube told the meeting that bus drivers who are being forced to take pay cuts best get use to it? Robots are coming and here to stay. Find something else to do. Caring sentiments… Excuse me I thought. That comment presumes that the system rules. In my view my strength resides in the numerous small decisions one makes in ones daily life that circumvents the system. This being a necessary step to navigate away from the false and unscrupulous towards ‘the person’ with whom one resonates. My ability to create a more ‘just world’ rests in my personal choices and my purse - not automatically supporting an unjust system. My vote is for myself. I vote by making choices based on deeds of others and sentiments as intuited as true for me, not shallow words. There was a time I believed in the place of organisations and systems, but happily no more. Yet despite all that is occurring in the world many people refuse to see such is the yearning for what was. Facing reality is a difficult task. The predominantly older age group attending this particular meeting wanted one of their own not realising that what looked the part is just that - a look to manipulate. Many did not see that with the creation of generations of poor and the homeless young, the State will be looking to ‘their’ middle class wealth. Be afraid be very very afraid - of the consequences of assumption. The believing of rhetoric over evidence of hunger in New Zealand, Generation Rent and the forth coming annihilation of the Middle Class through - let me count the ways said Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. First stealing your ‘non existent already spent’ superannuation under the guise of means testing, second financial implosion and the resulting ‘Bail-In’ (OBR) of your money in the bank, three the Corporatisation of the Small Business market (the middle class) - chemists soon, panel beating industry a given - amongest other punitive measures including Council’s impending policies of right of access to private property under the guise of … Clue something to do with Gareth, animals and DOC. Lot’s happening as they say. In closing its time now to lighten up on with a little of Reggy Perrin….- which interesting elaborates on the theme of the truth.
Reggy Perrin - I didn't get to where I am today by ....

Entitlement – Entilitis – Expectations

JULY 4 2017

BLOG 2 Small Green Girl Tarkay IMG_0810


I got a bollocking today from a trades firm no less. ‘How dare I say I want to meet the painter before he spends a week painting the inside of MY house’. The scenario went like this.

Some many months before I had a quote from the principal of this particular painting company to paint the interior of my home. Life got in the way as it does at times and it was many months later that I reconnected to arrange a date for the painting. My daughter was coming over from America in February such that I thought three months notice would suffice. The town house being some twelve years old only needed a tidy up, so an easy enough project I thought. The family visit came and went with no painting done, and no indications of when given this firms reluctance to provide any indication of a date. I tend to go with the flow on these type of things more readily now, accepting that some things happen in their own good time not mine. Besides I had plenty of other projects on the go. I had also been advised that the early part of the year was their most busiest. I had met the principle and given my deciding factor on who I do business with is ‘the person’ I was felt comfortable waiting.

On a Friday some months later I picked up mail which asked if the forthcoming Monday would suit to have the house painted. I agreed assuming that it was the principle who was undertaking the work. Seeking clarity I asked for confirmation and was advised that it would be x.y.z. doing the painting. Not having met this person I offered to meet the painting companies preferred choice of staff member by phone making myself available Sunday night. And then I got a bollocking the essence of which was ‘how dare I ask to meet the painter before he spent a week inside my house And I thought I was being flexible. But obviously, I was not flexible enough.

It’s that old hairy chestnut called entitle-litis – where one is so accustomed to having things their way they believe people will fall in and agree. The thing is with this particular company is that they knew that I was careful with my choices and my boundaries. Originally I was seeking a women painter but women in the trades are like hens teeth. Yet my choices were irrelevant – they were the trades firm after all – and they were busy so if you don’t like who we want to send to your house, well that’s tough – we won’t do the work. Then there was the blame game – blaming me for my choices, my boundaries actually, for they in their choice of language and judgements were making me wrong for their upset. Continue reading “Entitlement – Entilitis – Expectations”

Animates – animated by Money?

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In the wake of the United Airlines bullying behaviours towards its customers, my sensitivity to the arrogance of Corporates went up a notch or two. For going onto a plane as a doctor and coming off as a patient as some wag said, is an appalling pre fight / flight experience. At least to our western world view which still (mistakenly) believes that we are somewhat more civilised than the other lot. Subsequently I found myself dismayed and disappointed by my interaction with Animates Kaiwharawhara Wellington which I felt issued me with an ultimatum. Buy now or no kitties for you. Now I am not one for an or else conversation – won’t have a bar of it, such that I declined to purchase the little tabby kittens. The scenario went like this.

Animates had two kittens on display which were not available for purchase given severely underweight. They were a brother and sister not quite three months old. Whilst my original intention was to adopt one kitten, given the trauma these tiny kittens had been through I did not like to separate them. Thus, I was open to taking both of them. I put my name down to be contacted once their weight had increased. A week or so passed. I was thinking about the kittens over Easter intending to visit Easter Tuesday. And lo and behold, I received a call on the Tuesday morning saying the kittens were now available for sale. Magic.

The kittens were x SPCA had been de sexed as they call it, micro chipped and vaccinated and from SPCA’s perspective good to go. However, upon Animates taking in the kittens they dropped severely in weight. Oh dear why so much medical intervention given to kitties that are poorly? Whilst I questioned to my self the wiseness of these choices I ‘accepted’ thinking that I could offer care that would help ameliorate their trauma – flower essences for starters. But it is now not to be. For upon going in to Animates at midday, cuddling the kittens briefly for the second time, I was told that they would only be held for me until days end. Quick off the mark I felt. I had a conversation around Animates culture as to this policy to no avail. End of day was all the time Animates would give me to make a decision before the kitties went on to the open market.

At issue became my personal principles and values. For this attitude towards me as a customer conflicted with my values My lived values are to engage with organisations that demonstrate fairness, honesty, and consideration. Yet these kittens were very loving – the loving that comes from neglect before they arrived at Animates and for that matter before they arrived at SPCA. I asked myself ‘was it so difficult to allow a prospective purchaser a few days grace?’ I wanted to pause and consider – conscious parenting and all that. What was the nature of these kittens given my ever so brief meetings? I was after all considering taking on a duo. Why I haven’t brought a bassinet yet and was still looking for a playpen – silk curtains and all that. Was it so difficult to say to any subsequent buyer “someone is considering purchase and we will know in a few days’ meanwhile we will take your details? ADOPTION IS A PROCESS NOT A BUSINESS DECISION. Furthermore, not everyone would be ready and willing to take on kittens that had quite ill and for that matter take two kitty cats. And there were no other expressions of interest recorded in the order book for it seems there is no such book. My joy turned to dismay.

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Blog is it Right? Ethos & Purpose

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APRIL 26 2017


By inference, Blog Is It Right poses a question. It asks the reader to consider ‘the ideas and concepts’ presented in each discourse and form a view of their own. The words Is it Right were used by Kate Sheppard the New Zealand suffragette whose personal endeavours resulted in the right to vote being enshrined in law; that is a Women’s right to vote, for up till then (1893) men had this right but We Women did not. Our voice was deemed not worthy of being heard.

Conditioning is a powerful force that is trans generational such that releasing the shackles of restriction, (which is an ‘idea’ we have chosen to agree with) does not come about by the passing of a law. This in no way diminishes the value of the Electoral Act 1893*. I am simply recognising that enduring change comes from within, not from a piece of legislation. One has to want something enough to bring about change and to persevere in the face of all that is. Kate did. She decided to honour the voice within that questioned the status quo. In her view, it was decidedly not right that women were not afforded the right to vote.

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That Bank


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APRIL 9 2017




Societies are not on average stable and safe –

Humanity is likely on the verge of returning to the mean,

and the mean is exactly that, mean

Thomas Hobbes


And you cannot get meaner than the ANZ Bank. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Life is getting pretty tough in ANZ land given they have taken to harassing clients by automation. For to my surprise and disgust I received a text message saying I was overdrawn. It seems that a paltry overdraft of some $250.00 warrants this behaviour. For having chosen to meet my automated payments from an account reserved for such purpose, presumably the rates bill, the ANZ bank suddenly had second thoughts on their ability to fund the said overdraft. The precariousness of banks is more fragile than I thought.

Knitting A

Such that my row of knitting was interrupted, not once but twice. For on a day thereafter, not content with a text message I picked up my mobile phone to hear an automated message from that bank. I hung up and then promptly burst into tears. I’m a sensitive soul at heart and to me this felt like harassment. I’m wondering how in fact the ANZ bank got my phone number – discerning as I am with my choices. I promptly marked the text message as spam but the phone call could not be blocked for it came up as an unknown number. How underhand is that!

Um…Harassment – I wonder what the definition of this is according to those that enforce – unwanted and uncalled for calls from anonymous phone numbers seems to me to fit the bill.

Such that the sanctuary of my home was intruded upon by of all things a Bank. The bank that has the lowest reputation in the market hence purchased the National Bank which had the highest reputation in the market; specifically friendliness and humility. But silly ANZ, you paid a price over market, for as any seasoned business executive knows you don’t pay a premium for a business and then change the essential stock – in this case it was the people that were the brand. And we think banks are well considered – Think again.

Embedded into the Australian culture that is the ANZ bank are the attitude and sentiments of the people who colonialised Australia – the convicts who were ‘exported’ from Britain. Whilst of English heritage, I too find the British have much to answer for in its treatment of people per sae and with all due respect to those ‘labeled convicts’ because they stole bread to satisfy hunger, something we will see more of in New Zealand, the desperation of the convict mentality is anchored in the Australian psyche. Ask any New Zealand Corporate who has endeavoured to set up shop in Australia and they will tell you that the similarities between New Zealand and Australia are not so similar after all. For when push comes to shove the Australians mean and aggressive streak is quickly revealed. For now firmly entrenched into the social and business fabric of New Zealand, they are finally showing who they are – and it’s not pretty. For the Australians trashed all that was beautiful in Australia – the wisdom and compassion of the indigenous peoples.

But returning to point I want to be very clear about quantifying the exact issue that prompted this writing and place in context. The ANZ bank has a mortgage over my property. The total debt against this property is less than 3% of ratable value. I repeat – less than 3% of ratable value. The amount is infinitely small in terms of both total debt to equity and well $250.00 is not a big deal for a corporate that is supposedly sound. I find this conduct both appalling and revealing. Banks no longer exercise judicious decision making, nor it seems basic common sense. It seems to me that ‘collecting debt’ as the call centre named it, by text and phone makes me feel I had placed my transactional business with a loan shark or finance company. There is one situated just around the corner from ANZ bank with the same blue branding – perhaps they forgot which set clients they were acting for that day. Little Red Riding Hood

Are they a related? One might expect this type of behaviour from a second tier lender but at least they call themselves what they are, whereas the ANZ Bank appears to me, to be a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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STATE – Get out of My/Our Lives

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New Zealanders, through their co-operation, are complicit in their participation in the deep state – a State which has all the hallmarks of oppressive regimes we have tended to think exist elsewhere in the world, not in New Zealand. It seems to me that, when a country or city is living under military rule or occupation, one is aware of the presence of the dominant party yet, when living in a society which perceives itself as being free, the restriction on personal liberties are equally, if not more, invasive.

Mr Brownlee – I do not want a text from you – you have not proven yourself worthy of my acquaintance.  Gerry Brownlee

Under the guise of ‘care for the people’ during times of national disasters the government wants to text you.

This is a great example though, dear reader, to open the eyes of all those who want to see, the extended reach of the New Zealand Government into our private lives and the subtle methods employed to collect personal data on an all too frequent basis. What name does this legislation go under I wonder?

To be continued… 

Image Credit: Backbencher GastroPub, the pub where politicians are popular Wellington, New Zealand. Artist to be advised.


Language, Societal Changes,We Women


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Language invokes imagery. Likewise imagery invokes language. From language and imagery our perceptions of the world are created. We tend to take as a given what we are conditioned to believe through these dual arts. They are a dominant presence in our lives. But what if what if the language and the imagery are all lies?

What if some language and imagery are a means to convey a one world view by the patriarchal. A view that in order for men to feel ‘manly’ they must diminish women. Given the ongoing use of negative language and imagery depicting women, it seems the ego of those that ‘put down women’ and or seek to control under the auspices of religion, is under severe threat. One only needs to look at the rise in prostate cancer in men, to note this particular trend. Look up the metaphysical definition and you will see what I mean. Continue reading “Language, Societal Changes,We Women”