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Who is La Femina ?


La Femina is the pen name of a female over fifty. What matters here though is the message rather than the messenger. Thus I invite you to -:

Read not to contradict and confute;

nor believe and take for granted;

nor to find talk and discourse;

but to weigh and consider.

Francis Bacon

1561 -1626

When you ‘weigh and consider you begin to distinguish for yourself what matters to you as a person. And that dear reader is how one begins to develop certainty in self.

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Ethos & Purpose of Blog Is It Right ?

By inference, Blog Is It Right poses a question. It asks the reader to consider ‘the ideas and concepts’ presented in each discourse and form a view of their own. The words Is it Right were used by Kate Sheppard the New Zealand suffragette whose personal endeavours resulted in the right to vote being enshrined in law; that is a Women’s right to vote, for up till then (1893) men had this right but We Women did not. Our voice was deemed not worthy of being heard.


Conditioning is a powerful force that is trans generational such that releasing the shackles of restriction, (which is an ‘idea’ we have chosen to agree with) does not come about by the passing of a law. This in no way diminishes the value of the Electoral Act 1893 I am simply recognising that enduring change comes from within, not from a piece of legislation. One has to want something enough to bring about change and to persevere in the face of all that is. Kate did. She decided to honour the voice within that questioned the status quo. In her view, it was decidedly not right that women were not afforded the right to vote.

It is in the honouring of self that is the prelude to making ones voice matter, no matter what the endeavour. Once you begin to honour yourself, once you acknowledge and act upon the whispers of the soul, self-limitations begin to dissolve. One becomes a voice for the change by being that change if only in the world as between you and you – for your inner world is your anchor and thus the bridge to enact your ‘whisperings’ in the outer world. It is in the forming of our views that we begin to develop substance for until then we float with the wind neither this nor that and thus malleable to those who have clarity of purpose. Gradually though as we begin to awaken, we begin to notice what we like and dislike, agree and disagree with and above all, object to. Once we acknowledge our values; which underlie what matters most, the process of setting boundaries begins. Thereafter we give birth to our voice.

It has taken me an inordinate amount of time to find my ‘voice’ suffice to present my views. My opinions have being influenced by my ancestral continuum, the age I was born into, my essential character and my lived experiences, all of which have shaped me into who I am today. AND being a woman working in a Corporate environment and living in an over arching patriarchal society. Yet, the time of patriarchy is in decline. The time is nigh for women to contribute their voice and stand for change, for themselves first and for society thereafter. We women can speak more easily from a heart perspective to moderate the masculine propensity for control and power that has caused so much havoc on our planet – along with their masculites – their mirror image. It will be the Divine Feminine after all that will lead the planet out of this man made mess. And it will be with the support of the men who value the feminine, her inherent wisdom and ways of co-operacy. I see signs in the business domain with the likes of Jackson Katz whose work is based on The Works of Julia Penelope (SEE LANGUAGE SOCIETY) in the field of cognitive dissonance. He asks men to address their issues. I also observe how my son in law supports my daughter and is fully involved in fatherhood, being one of the rare few in the American work place who took paternity leave. I see change in the attitude of other young men I come across in those interaction with strangers that make up our lives. I laughed upon hearing of a Finnish women who commented on New Zealanders propensity to ‘chit chat’ – how lovely is that terminology and insight. For when we loose our spontaneity to speak strangers, not only do we loose some of our humanness but we separate ourselves from what others think and feel.

Remember we see the world not as it is, but as we are

Anaïs Nin

I invite you dear reader to form your own views and above all own them. Be prepared to change you views and own any change, for what we think today, may change tomorrow depending on what we have since learnt. The measure of a person is to be candid for authenticity is at last coming of age. I can ‘hear’ authenticity in another’s voice, see it in their body language and feel it in another’s energy field. Likewise at times, I too am led astray. Such that these words piqued my interest recently. ‘Trust but verify’. This is a Russian saying that I found in an excellent book about the cold war written by James Mann. Such that I have decided to incorporate them into my mind-set so that I can continue to believe in the greater good – but up to a point. For I posit that in todays world increased verification is required given I am like many people tend to be a trusting sort, yet its this very trust and also naivety that is patently been taken advantage of.

The concept of those in positional power acting for the greater good and in the spirit of what Is Right, is a relic of times gone by. Or maybe it never really existed. Greater forces and motives are at play that appear to have high leverage over the moral compass of ‘those that rule’. It thus seems to me that the ‘unsaid’ has become more important that what is actually said. And funnily enough the ‘unsaid’ are the very questions you ask yourself when you come across something that piques your interest. People, we are a knowing lot.

With lack of awareness of what personal responsibility entails, many hand the responsibility for their very lives over to nameless others who unilaterally determine the current meme of the times. When we decline to ‘value ourselves’, people simply morph into a mob, a mob of malleable unthinking beings, that are determining the quality of society and the lives of others. This is what occurs when we value the views of the outer world over our own private views. How silly is that? I respect the views of others but not the right for others to determine that their views must dominate my personal life. I wish to retain my Personal Liberty and make choices that I determine serve my personal wellbeing. These include natural remedies that honour the full spectrum of our being human – homeopathy, naturopathy and energy healing, nature’s pure bounty of organic foods, clean air, and clean water. Versus mandatory/state sanctioned; vaccinations, flue injections, micro chipping of our (my) body, pharmaceuticals for every human emotion, fluoridation of (our) water, and consuming chemical laden food. AND spying and lying. All these are considered the norm of those that rule and those that enact these policies – and accepted without question by many. These invasive practices weaken our immune systems. Some of these practices are already in existence in New Zealand with the compulsory nature of others in our midst. Yet if you THINK about it, those that want vaccinations, micro chipping of their bodies and for that matter their pets, those that want fluoride in their water, those that want to eat chemical laden foods, have the flue injection and take pharmaceuticals can do so – on their own account. I wish to retain my Personal Liberties. Let me be the judge of what I perceive serves my welfare. Let me take responsibility for my choices. Let me live my personal life without interference. As to believing lies that’s my look out and dear reader yours. Hence the encouragement to think, observe and honour your intuition.



La Femina

For not to take an interest in your own views one is unwittingly handing over your Personal Sovereignty and for that matter your country sovereignty to the ‘nameless’ others. For all these reasons and more, it is in my view imperative to question more, decline to answer (intrusive) questions, and ask Is It Right. If each of us during the ordinary course of our days did so, then We in our capacity of Community can sow / sew the seeds of change for a more just and equitable world. Make your voice matter by using it. Question if only to yourself Is it Right?

(Published as Blog 25 April 2017)