A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Blog Is It Right ? A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing  BLOG 2 Small Green Girl Tarkay IMG_0810 SEPTEMBER 2017 AUTHORESS LA FEMINA OPINION WITHOUT PREJUDICE SO GARETH MORGAN SUED TVNZ FOR DECLINING TO INCLUDE HIM in a televised debate in the lead up to the New Zealand’s Elections. Resorting to the law is a common attribute of the patriarchal - they've perfected the art of using the ‘law’ - legally locking away women since time began - to shut them up. Be alert dear voter. Are we seeing a form of legalised bullying? Unlike Open Bank Resolution (OBR) which legalises the theft of your money through government policy, the high court determined that ‘the law’ did not sanction legalise bullying, with the case unsuccessful. Was it a publicity stunt? It seems anything goes. I’m between sixes and sevens NOT, with the contrary nature of what is. I say to you dear reader, think about the character of the person who resorts to the law to get their own way. Think people about those massive billboards in Wellington city. Gareth’s billboards remind me of those seen in countries with despotic rulers. They dominate their cities landscape - it’s all about control. The billboards mention the word ‘care’ ummm using force to get your own way is not particularly ‘caring’ whatever way you dress it up. It’s bully boy tactics. Robert Masters the founder of New York city built his reputation on the word ‘caring’ whilst bulldozing people out of their homes. Think about the essential nature of a person who promotes the rounding up and killing of stray cats - to create a platform to make one’s political presence known. And cats of course represent the feminine. Cats also represent our humanness for cats are loving. But love is decidedly not allowed in this new world order. The impending December 2017 law on rounding up and killing stray cats may well shadow the rounding up of stray people - the homeless and beggars using - well you get the gig - the heavy arm of the lawless law. Where will they put them I wonder - In Trentham camp or maybe Hamilton? Prior to this step, will the feeding of the homeless and beggars be outlawed by politicians as is the case in some states of America? The local government law to kill stray cats reminds me of the second world war when soldiers were trained to kill ‘their pet dogs’ so they would not be tempted to show mercy. The killing of stray cats is the creating of a problem where none exists and then using the precedent for political ends. Politicians images are crafted well before they ‘strike’. Killing is often used to prove who's boss around here. A common trait in middle-aged blokes along with fear tactics and ‘do as I say’, hence the world ravaged by war. I for one have grown tired of politicians who routinely wallpaper over the truth, crafting stories to suit the whims of the particular audience. But there is no sense or sensibilities in egos and as long as people continue to believe the unbelievable that is the world we have collectively created, the rhetoric keeps on keeping on. In Gareth we simply have another capitalist wolf that is well past the ‘use by date’. Not that I am referring to age here. I speak to the sentiments espoused that disguises intent and uses the system as a hidden political tool - a system that does not act for the greater good of humanity. For the politics of policies¹ utilised by politicians routinely favour the few. But most of all in Gareth’s case, it is the crafted image of ‘caring’ in the face of evidence to the opposite that I take issue with. Of course we all have a light and dark side. But I draw the line at using the defenceless - cats and undermining the wisdom of the old by stealing their wealth, as a means to keep the country afloat. But what else is a middle age bloke in want of a soul to do? Perhaps try Reiki healing. It's very good. If healing of your shadow self does not appeal Gareth, grow flowers - we need more beauty in the world. But wait a minute that simply won’t do for flowers soften the heart and politicians you get the gig they want to dehumanise human beings, not make them ‘feel’. People follow orders better that way. And yet people keep voting with the yet another generation feed the hype that politics can make a difference. Time has moved on with the organisations such as the New Human Rights Movement representing real change. The most notable difference is that people are realising that change rests with them individually - no longer do they blindly follow. For there vote of confidence is in themselves. Remember dear reader, politician’s no matter what they want you to believe don’t give a dam. I return the favour for nor do I. With all due respect for Kate I don’t vote. I choose to be an observer of the antics. It is immaterial which politicians are elected for it’s the system that rules. Your having a choice in matters of a political nature is an illusion. And a distraction. We have entrenched system in New Zealand politics as we have in every country in the world. The system defaults in favour of corporateocity and the nameless unelected others who represent globalisations pursuit of profit. The cost in human terms matters not. Politics has made slaves of many in third world countries which New Zealand is fast becoming. Make no mistake whatever the outcome of the election once the euphoria and or dismay passes impending changes will not be for the greater good. It will all be designed for the duo of Corporates and Control. Stealth is a silent and patient art. Yet hats off to all aspiring, albeit naive politicians. It’s the brave few that are willing to stand up and be counted. How would you manage a barrage of questions from the floor in a public meeting - succinctly? The most impressive candidate at a Ohariu electorate meeting held in Wadestown was Lisa Close standing for New Zealand First. Lisa seems to me to be a thoughtful genuine person who speaks authentically. Observing Lisa almost tempted me to vote. Until that is I reminded myself “what’s the point of having beliefs if you don’t live them”. Nevertheless for all those that are determined to stay in the system that does not serve you, Lisa is a voice of common sense without the dramatics of the actress candidate following in Gareth’s footsteps of falseness. The people at this particular meeting witnessed the crafting of an image, the taking control of the meeting off the organiser's and ‘false empathy’. And the gullible lapped it up. They did not want to believe the announcement of means tested superannuation that simultaneously took a swipe at Winston Peters. I wonder did they change their mind when Jessica Hammond Doube told the meeting that bus drivers who are being forced to take pay cuts best get use to it? Robots are coming and here to stay. Find something else to do. Caring sentiments… Excuse me I thought. That comment presumes that the system rules. In my view my strength resides in the numerous small decisions one makes in ones daily life that circumvents the system. This being a necessary step to navigate away from the false and unscrupulous towards ‘the person’ with whom one resonates. My ability to create a more ‘just world’ rests in my personal choices and my purse - not automatically supporting an unjust system. My vote is for myself. I vote by making choices based on deeds of others and sentiments as intuited as true for me, not shallow words. There was a time I believed in the place of organisations and systems, but happily no more. Yet despite all that is occurring in the world many people refuse to see such is the yearning for what was. Facing reality is a difficult task. The predominantly older age group attending this particular meeting wanted one of their own not realising that what looked the part is just that - a look to manipulate. Many did not see that with the creation of generations of poor and the homeless young, the State will be looking to ‘their’ middle class wealth. Be afraid be very very afraid - of the consequences of assumption. The believing of rhetoric over evidence of hunger in New Zealand, Generation Rent and the forth coming annihilation of the Middle Class through - let me count the ways said Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. First stealing your ‘non existent already spent’ superannuation under the guise of means testing, second financial implosion and the resulting ‘Bail-In’ (OBR) of your money in the bank, three the Corporatisation of the Small Business market (the middle class) - chemists soon, panel beating industry a given - amongest other punitive measures including Council’s impending policies of right of access to private property under the guise of … Clue something to do with Gareth, animals and DOC. Lot’s happening as they say. In closing its time now to lighten up on with a little of Reggy Perrin….- which interesting elaborates on the theme of the truth.
Reggy Perrin - I didn't get to where I am today by ....

That Bank


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APRIL 9 2017




Societies are not on average stable and safe –

Humanity is likely on the verge of returning to the mean,

and the mean is exactly that, mean

Thomas Hobbes


And you cannot get meaner than the ANZ Bank. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Life is getting pretty tough in ANZ land given they have taken to harassing clients by automation. For to my surprise and disgust I received a text message saying I was overdrawn. It seems that a paltry overdraft of some $250.00 warrants this behaviour. For having chosen to meet my automated payments from an account reserved for such purpose, presumably the rates bill, the ANZ bank suddenly had second thoughts on their ability to fund the said overdraft. The precariousness of banks is more fragile than I thought.

Knitting A

Such that my row of knitting was interrupted, not once but twice. For on a day thereafter, not content with a text message I picked up my mobile phone to hear an automated message from that bank. I hung up and then promptly burst into tears. I’m a sensitive soul at heart and to me this felt like harassment. I’m wondering how in fact the ANZ bank got my phone number – discerning as I am with my choices. I promptly marked the text message as spam but the phone call could not be blocked for it came up as an unknown number. How underhand is that!

Um…Harassment – I wonder what the definition of this is according to those that enforce – unwanted and uncalled for calls from anonymous phone numbers seems to me to fit the bill.

Such that the sanctuary of my home was intruded upon by of all things a Bank. The bank that has the lowest reputation in the market hence purchased the National Bank which had the highest reputation in the market; specifically friendliness and humility. But silly ANZ, you paid a price over market, for as any seasoned business executive knows you don’t pay a premium for a business and then change the essential stock – in this case it was the people that were the brand. And we think banks are well considered – Think again.

Embedded into the Australian culture that is the ANZ bank are the attitude and sentiments of the people who colonialised Australia – the convicts who were ‘exported’ from Britain. Whilst of English heritage, I too find the British have much to answer for in its treatment of people per sae and with all due respect to those ‘labeled convicts’ because they stole bread to satisfy hunger, something we will see more of in New Zealand, the desperation of the convict mentality is anchored in the Australian psyche. Ask any New Zealand Corporate who has endeavoured to set up shop in Australia and they will tell you that the similarities between New Zealand and Australia are not so similar after all. For when push comes to shove the Australians mean and aggressive streak is quickly revealed. For now firmly entrenched into the social and business fabric of New Zealand, they are finally showing who they are – and it’s not pretty. For the Australians trashed all that was beautiful in Australia – the wisdom and compassion of the indigenous peoples.

But returning to point I want to be very clear about quantifying the exact issue that prompted this writing and place in context. The ANZ bank has a mortgage over my property. The total debt against this property is less than 3% of ratable value. I repeat – less than 3% of ratable value. The amount is infinitely small in terms of both total debt to equity and well $250.00 is not a big deal for a corporate that is supposedly sound. I find this conduct both appalling and revealing. Banks no longer exercise judicious decision making, nor it seems basic common sense. It seems to me that ‘collecting debt’ as the call centre named it, by text and phone makes me feel I had placed my transactional business with a loan shark or finance company. There is one situated just around the corner from ANZ bank with the same blue branding – perhaps they forgot which set clients they were acting for that day. Little Red Riding Hood

Are they a related? One might expect this type of behaviour from a second tier lender but at least they call themselves what they are, whereas the ANZ Bank appears to me, to be a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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STATE – Get out of My/Our Lives

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New Zealanders, through their co-operation, are complicit in their participation in the deep state – a State which has all the hallmarks of oppressive regimes we have tended to think exist elsewhere in the world, not in New Zealand. It seems to me that, when a country or city is living under military rule or occupation, one is aware of the presence of the dominant party yet, when living in a society which perceives itself as being free, the restriction on personal liberties are equally, if not more, invasive.

Mr Brownlee – I do not want a text from you – you have not proven yourself worthy of my acquaintance.  Gerry Brownlee

Under the guise of ‘care for the people’ during times of national disasters the government wants to text you.

This is a great example though, dear reader, to open the eyes of all those who want to see, the extended reach of the New Zealand Government into our private lives and the subtle methods employed to collect personal data on an all too frequent basis. What name does this legislation go under I wonder?

To be continued… 

Image Credit: Backbencher GastroPub, the pub where politicians are popular Wellington, New Zealand. Artist to be advised.


Language, Societal Changes,We Women


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Language invokes imagery. Likewise imagery invokes language. From language and imagery our perceptions of the world are created. We tend to take as a given what we are conditioned to believe through these dual arts. They are a dominant presence in our lives. But what if what if the language and the imagery are all lies?

What if some language and imagery are a means to convey a one world view by the patriarchal. A view that in order for men to feel ‘manly’ they must diminish women. Given the ongoing use of negative language and imagery depicting women, it seems the ego of those that ‘put down women’ and or seek to control under the auspices of religion, is under severe threat. One only needs to look at the rise in prostate cancer in men, to note this particular trend. Look up the metaphysical definition and you will see what I mean. Continue reading “Language, Societal Changes,We Women”

Wellington City Council – I say STOP IT

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It seems to me that Wellington City Council has lost its humility with its attitude to residents increasingly officious. I speak to the Karori resident whose beautification efforts namely a hedge some seven years old that extended to the roadside verge was ‘marhouse-pathway-karoriked’ out by the council as unacceptable with an order made to remove it forthwith. What prompted this I asked myself at the time it was reported in the DomPost?. It appears the prompt was some leaflet delivery adult-male who did not like being asked ‘not to walk through the hedge’ but to use the lane by the letter box that provided access to the next door neighbour – the same lane the posties have been using for many years – grateful for the consideration of the property owner.

I now discover that this beautiful hedge has in fact been moved ‘under threat’ of an encroachment levy not withstanding as any gardener knows it’s the height of summer when one does not move plants – it places them under stress, thus they often don’t survive. However this finer point was lost on the Wellington City Council “Encroachment Advisor / Official, the signatory of the letter dated 1 December 2016 who made it clear who was boss around here – Absolutely Positively No Humility Wellington City Council. The result this beautiful hedge was felled. Tragic. Yet in the face of both the Council and the leaflet delivery – adult – man – child what was a woman to do? Continue reading “Wellington City Council – I say STOP IT”

Some More Thoughts about …

… that Milk

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Further to my open letter to Fonterra re its copycat branding of Lewis Road’s Milk bottle two things were brought home to me. As a new blogger I own the responsibility for not only of my views which I have no issue with but also my underlying premise in which my views are anchored. I am a big picture then detail person. I thus first looked to the ‘context’ aka the similar packaging. I now note the finer detail. When I went to my local supermarket last night to photograph the milk bottles to add to my blog I made a new discovery

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An Open Letter to Fonterra Board of Directors

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“You can fool all the people some of the time,

and some of the people all the time,

but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Abraham Lincoln.

I write to express my views regarding the decisions made by Fonterra to imitate the branding of Lewis Road Milk. This decision epitomises corporate arrogance and its attitude towards ‘me the consumer’ treating people as unthinking and thus malleable suffice to deceive resulting in unintentionally buying your product. As any mother knows the shape of a bottle is the immediate dictate of choice hence you don’t store chemicals in your old milk bottles. I actually picked up a bottle of Fonterra’s Kapiti Milk then looked again and thought no this is not what I want and put it back on the shelf. The power of packaging is compelling. Fonterra has misjudged the ‘times we are living in’ where consumer awareness of these untoward practices has reached a tipping point such that they simply will not be tolerated as they once were. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Fonterra Board of Directors”