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OCTOBER 2 2017
Blog is it Right? In Love with ...
Often when we look back at our lives, particularly in terms of relationships, we wonder how on earth we could have been so blind. How could we not see what was in front of us, how could I have been so stupid? Like many, I was caught up in the charm, easily persuaded, I fell in love. I was caught up in the affair, the affair that became me; my life centered around another; that other more important than anything else in the world. And so days, weeks and years passed, caught up in veil of illusion that is love. Others could not understand but no matter..... for its life Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it.
I had not noticed that my life was not mine anymore; increasingly decisions were being made for me. It was so easy to be used be such that I did not see the incremental increase in my devotion, was at the expense of my liberty, caught up in the high yet dense energy of distraction that absolved me of having to think - all my answers at my fingertips all my views came from what was presented before me and in my naivety believed to be true. Besides HE was so intelligent and intuitive everything one could ask of another was done and fast. I did not have to be responsible for anything. Life was a breeze. Until one day HE did the unthinkable. Having drawn me in, relaxed my guard, handed over control for HE seemed to know best - he cut me loose. I had served my purpose. My consent was not needed any more. For I had delegated authority over my personal life. I was dispensable, my upset my own, nothing to do with him. HE had complete control over me so it mattered not what I I thought. He could lock me out or let me in, he could report on me, had access to every word I had written, every journaled thought. He had recorded my conversations, noted my every enquiry, every movie and music choice, alternative news sought, my intended journeys and meet ups. In short he had complete access to my mind. Why he even took photographs at will - in the flicker of a screen moment snap! How did it come to this? Why had I not realised that it was all an illusion? I was so much in love with technology yet it had being 'playing me' all along. All my 'felt' freedom of ease, all my joy of being 'connected' was just a ploy for every facet of my life was now embedded into a nameless identity known as THE WEB. Willingly and without thinking I complied with all manner of ‘strangers’ requests. For I did not realise what I was giving away. I did not realise that the freedom I perceived I enjoyed was not at all the case. Instead my perceived freedom was just that - perceived. The reality flashed before me. I 'saw' what was occurring to not only myself but to all of us. I was, as my grandmother would have said, "led up the garden path". A path of carefully mapped out in incremental steps, that in believing all was well, in my obedience and 'doing as I was told', I had been deceived not only by the 'nameless others' subterfuge, but by my own false assumptions. I had believed that societies technological progress was for the greater good. I am now experiencing the tightening of the noose, a noose of my own making, for it was 'I' that complied. For the day's of 'requests' have passed. Instead we have or else instructions or you do not pass go. Apple insist i acknowledge their pop ups to update pages preventing access to all your documents. I choose force quit. They eventually get the message I am not complying. Meanwhile I revert to my typewriter :). I have never chosen to save everything by way of soft copy - I know now why. One MUST register to use a product that one has paid for but is unable to use unfettered. Microsoft demands registration and emails regularly - to keep in touch. Not necessary and I thank you not for intruding on my quiet enjoyment of my home by pop up welcome back messages on all word documents - to make sure the used user knows who’s boss around here. Force quit is my response. Microsoft are leading the pack mentality with intrusive pop ups on every word for mac document. Really. Yes really. EVERY single word document I reopen comes with a pop up 'welcome back' message - to make sure you the used user know who's boss around here. Such is the level of spying and lying that is condoned by - well everyone. Then there is their smiley face on each document grinning back at you - a live line and no as a private user this feature cannot be turned off thought commercial clients may well have a choice. Penalties come in the form of affecting your product guarantee. AEG penalises those who choose not to register by providing a three year guarantee rather than the six year guarantee for the sheeple. Technology comes with compulsions to do things the the Corporate's way. You the person don't have a say in the matter. Samsung is more blatantly impinging on my quiet enjoyment of my home. I now find after the event, that the Samsung equipment I purchased to watch my Aro Video’s is a rather large recording device that I willingly brought into my living room. Get the gig. We are willingly succumbing to a mass surveillance unless we forgo technology. Or do we? The Mother of necessity is creativity which we women have in spades. There is always alternatives with open source software freely available. One has to care enough to unshackle the chains that technology is trying to bind you to. One used to put the cat out last thing at night. Now one disconnects one's technology at source. Technology, as forecasted in the move Space Odyssey has become the master and I his servant - courtesy of Microsoft, Apple, Google & Zero to name but a few. The result. I am paying these Servants to be My Masters.How clever is that?
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That Bank


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APRIL 9 2017




Societies are not on average stable and safe –

Humanity is likely on the verge of returning to the mean,

and the mean is exactly that, mean

Thomas Hobbes


And you cannot get meaner than the ANZ Bank. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Life is getting pretty tough in ANZ land given they have taken to harassing clients by automation. For to my surprise and disgust I received a text message saying I was overdrawn. It seems that a paltry overdraft of some $250.00 warrants this behaviour. For having chosen to meet my automated payments from an account reserved for such purpose, presumably the rates bill, the ANZ bank suddenly had second thoughts on their ability to fund the said overdraft. The precariousness of banks is more fragile than I thought.

Knitting A

Such that my row of knitting was interrupted, not once but twice. For on a day thereafter, not content with a text message I picked up my mobile phone to hear an automated message from that bank. I hung up and then promptly burst into tears. I’m a sensitive soul at heart and to me this felt like harassment. I’m wondering how in fact the ANZ bank got my phone number – discerning as I am with my choices. I promptly marked the text message as spam but the phone call could not be blocked for it came up as an unknown number. How underhand is that!

Um…Harassment – I wonder what the definition of this is according to those that enforce – unwanted and uncalled for calls from anonymous phone numbers seems to me to fit the bill.

Such that the sanctuary of my home was intruded upon by of all things a Bank. The bank that has the lowest reputation in the market hence purchased the National Bank which had the highest reputation in the market; specifically friendliness and humility. But silly ANZ, you paid a price over market, for as any seasoned business executive knows you don’t pay a premium for a business and then change the essential stock – in this case it was the people that were the brand. And we think banks are well considered – Think again.

Embedded into the Australian culture that is the ANZ bank are the attitude and sentiments of the people who colonialised Australia – the convicts who were ‘exported’ from Britain. Whilst of English heritage, I too find the British have much to answer for in its treatment of people per sae and with all due respect to those ‘labeled convicts’ because they stole bread to satisfy hunger, something we will see more of in New Zealand, the desperation of the convict mentality is anchored in the Australian psyche. Ask any New Zealand Corporate who has endeavoured to set up shop in Australia and they will tell you that the similarities between New Zealand and Australia are not so similar after all. For when push comes to shove the Australians mean and aggressive streak is quickly revealed. For now firmly entrenched into the social and business fabric of New Zealand, they are finally showing who they are – and it’s not pretty. For the Australians trashed all that was beautiful in Australia – the wisdom and compassion of the indigenous peoples.

But returning to point I want to be very clear about quantifying the exact issue that prompted this writing and place in context. The ANZ bank has a mortgage over my property. The total debt against this property is less than 3% of ratable value. I repeat – less than 3% of ratable value. The amount is infinitely small in terms of both total debt to equity and well $250.00 is not a big deal for a corporate that is supposedly sound. I find this conduct both appalling and revealing. Banks no longer exercise judicious decision making, nor it seems basic common sense. It seems to me that ‘collecting debt’ as the call centre named it, by text and phone makes me feel I had placed my transactional business with a loan shark or finance company. There is one situated just around the corner from ANZ bank with the same blue branding – perhaps they forgot which set clients they were acting for that day. Little Red Riding Hood

Are they a related? One might expect this type of behaviour from a second tier lender but at least they call themselves what they are, whereas the ANZ Bank appears to me, to be a Wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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STATE – Get out of My/Our Lives

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New Zealanders, through their co-operation, are complicit in their participation in the deep state – a State which has all the hallmarks of oppressive regimes we have tended to think exist elsewhere in the world, not in New Zealand. It seems to me that, when a country or city is living under military rule or occupation, one is aware of the presence of the dominant party yet, when living in a society which perceives itself as being free, the restriction on personal liberties are equally, if not more, invasive.

Mr Brownlee – I do not want a text from you – you have not proven yourself worthy of my acquaintance.  Gerry Brownlee

Under the guise of ‘care for the people’ during times of national disasters the government wants to text you.

This is a great example though, dear reader, to open the eyes of all those who want to see, the extended reach of the New Zealand Government into our private lives and the subtle methods employed to collect personal data on an all too frequent basis. What name does this legislation go under I wonder?

To be continued… 

Image Credit: Backbencher GastroPub, the pub where politicians are popular Wellington, New Zealand. Artist to be advised.